Braun Precision Trimmer PT5010


Apart from full-sized trimmer and shaver, men like detailer and trimmer to shape their beards, side buns, and mustaches. In addition, for them especially, Braun Precision Trimmer PT5010 fits exactly perfect and acts as a professional styler and detailer.

The trimmer kit comes with three attachments: – two trimming combs to precise the trim perfectly on the facial hair (beard, side buns) and one small trimming element for trimming the mustache and defining sharp lines for detailed styles.

  • Exact Trim Lengths

The two trimming combs help to define precise trims and styles in a very detailed manner. The 5 mm comb gives unswerving clean trim leaving no small hairs behind. Wherein the 8 mm comb provides perfectly trimmed and groomed look for beard hair.

  • Precision Trimmer

The significantly provided extra small trimming element defines small and sharp lines that give an extra ordinary stylish look. It also helps to reach out the areas such as nose and chin to do perfect clean cuts and trims.


  1. The kit runs on AAA battery (Duracell is recommended) and you need no power sockets to charge
  2. It is easy to rinse and clean wash wherein the attachments can easily detach and fix after dry
  3. The kit comes with trimming stand to place your trimmer perfectly while in


Since it runs AAA battery, tentatively the battery will have standby for about 120 minutes. If you are a person of longer period traveling, obviously you require standby batteries with you.

Bottom line

The market study states that Braun Precision Trimmer PT5010 ranks on world’s number 1 foil shaver for its perfect and professional trimming solutions. When considering the professional hairdresser, will they definitely help you in trimming and shaving the detailed hairs of nose and ears? No, right! Hence, just experience the flawless professionalism with Braun Precision Trimmer PT5010.