Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit


An 8 pieces trimmer kit that comes with a lithium battery to run 65 minutes on cord-less and a pouch to keep safe is the most welcomed feature, right!

The product covers a full-size trimmer, foil shaver, nose, ear & detailed trimmer, hair clipper comb with eight different length settings, 3 beard & stubble combs. The blades are surgical steel material and require no extra sharpening, wherein they have the self-sharpening ability with long-lasting durability.

  • Lithium Power:

The Remington’s rechargeable lithium battery requires 30 minutes charging and will work on cord-less for about 65 minutes. The trimmer maintains consistent performance through high power throughout the usage and gives good life on every proper charge.

  • Self-sharpening Blades:

The blades are of surgical steel material and hence there is no suspect in getting rust. In addition, they stay sharp on themselves and go flexible for every trimming with long-lasting durability.

  • Easy detachments:

The attachments in the trimmer can easily open for a clean wash. No detailed spot is out of reach, it requires a deep rinse and dry, that is all.

  • Pouch:

Who will give you such a precious product with a storage pouch? Remington PG6025 gives you, wherein one can easily detach all the attachments and can be able to store in the given pouch for no point of missing the detailed attachments.


  1. 60 days of money back guarantee, wherein when one is not satisfied with the product can submit the actual reason, and can get back their money
  2. To the surprise, the warranty period is 2 years


  1. The trimmer runs on cord-less for about 65 minutes, so it is must carry charging plug when anyone is on travel.

Bottom line

Finally can say that Remington PG6025 trimmer grooming kit is an all in one grooming kit that helps men to keep well groomed all the time, even when one is on travel.