Wahl Clipper Groomsman Pro All in One Men’s Grooming Kit


Wahl Clipper Groomsman Pro All in One Men’s Grooming Kit is a rechargeable Beard Trimming kit that comes with Hair Clippers for Mustache, Stubble, Ear, and Nose. To simple can say that the kit is a perfect selection even for complete Body Grooming for men. The kit works on Ni-MH battery wherein it requires charging for about minimum 60 minutes for 60 minutes of usage.

The kit comes with four different attachments –Beard Trimmers and Hair Clippers for Mustache, Stubble, Ear, and Nose for beard-trimming, mustache-trimming, haircut, touchups and for complete body grooming. The rotary ear and nose trimmer provide perfect and detailed trimming.

  • Dual Foil Mini-shaver

The shaver comes with ergonomic dual foil that provides ultra-close and plane shave leaving no skin irritation, nicks, cuts, and burns. For a well-groomed facial hair – side buns, beard, and even the foreheads clean up, it provides clean and smooth shave.

  • Blade Guards

The kit comes with three different individual blade guards that help the man to maintain even length. Wherein there are four cutting lengths from super-close bare blades of about 3/8 inches to get perfect trim, cuts and shave as like a professional hairdresser.


  1. It runs on rechargeable battery, so for those who travel a lot will really make use of this kit. It helps to trim and shave over the sink or on-the-go hurry up modes.
  2. It requires no multi-voltage and so you can plug it anywhere even in the single power socket


It requires 110 V units for charging hence, one will require immediate charging for next usage after using for about 60 minutes.

Bottom line

Since 1919 in the USA, Wahl Clipper is a number one brand that is being used by most of the professionals. In addition, the kit is now designed for the demanding men category those who love to groom themselves.